Announcing New Board Members

Women Who WP is Growing!

New Board Members on Women Who WPAs part of our nonprofit (we’re more than just a Meetup), we met as a board in April and resolved to add four new women to our board. This will extend our reach into the existing WordPress community and help with making light the work that is Women Who WP.

We announced earlier this year that our Meetup is part of the WordPress Foundation Meetup Program. What this means is that in order to become a chapter, you just need to be accepted into the Meetup Program.

We want to supply you with our format and, of course, guidance and friendship, but that’s another blog post.

So, please welcome the following new board members with some WWWP love.

Rachel Cherry

Rachel Cherry is a Senior Software Engineer for The Walt Disney Company with over ten years experience in back and front-end web development and digital design. Before Disney, she spent over nine years working in higher education and is the Director of WPCampus, a community and conferences focused on using WordPress in the world of higher education. When she’s not using WordPress to help build the web, she enjoys promoting the importance of accessibility and inclusion while working to encourage openness, inclusiveness, collaboration, and professional development as a conference and meetup organizer. Rachel lives in Pasadena, California but you can find her on Twitter, GitHub, and

Yvonne C. Conway-Williams

Yvonne Conway-Williams is a Social Media Marketing, Web Development, and Cybersecurity Consultant. She’s the co-founder and partner of ParadoxPrime Information Assurance, a cyber security blog she runs with her husband, Chris. She is web administrator for several clients who are .org users and runs her own personal .com blog.

Yvonne has been involved and active with the Women Who WP from the very beginning and continues to be a huge supporter of our cause.

Angelina Simms

Angelina Simms works as a digital media consultant helping small businesses and personal brands build awareness and expand their communities. She is an organizer for WordCamp Baltimore and an active contributor in open source community projects. Giving back and helping others is something that she is passionate about and encourages others do the same. When she’s not speaking at tech conferences and Meetup groups, she can be found learning about web development, supporting members of the autism community, spending time wandering around libraries, and in pursuit of her quest for the perfect apple cider.

Carin Arrigo

Carin is a Realtor whose main focus is humanity. She has a keen sense of curiosity about anything of a social and/or culture nature, including social media. The relationship between these facets propel dialogue and conversation, which makes Carin pretty darn happy. Her passion for self-expression through writing is at the core of who she is, professionally as well as personally. She’s a life-lover, people-giver, late-bloomer. She loves writing and pieces of joy. Carin hopes to use her WordPress blog to reach others, let them know we’re all in this thing called life – together.