Closing Out the Year with Women Who WP and WCUS

Women Who WP Represent at WCUS 2016What a year it’s been! On March 23, 2016, we held our first Women Who WP Meetup. We had no idea who would come and where the idea of a “supportive, understanding environment and offer women opportunities to express themselves and collaborate in WordPress” would take us. In 2016, it took us to WCUS.
I’m happy to report it’s taken us in and through and way past WordPress. In fact, several of our members were able to attend WCUS in Philadelphia and meet up with members 3,000 miles away!
Making friends at WCUS We have seen more than “just” friendships begin and mature. We’ve seen more than “just” problems solved and challenges overcome within WordPress and surrounding technology.

We’ve seen people’s lives change.

  • Our members sit taller in their chairs.
  • Our members attend not just our Meetup regularly but General and Developer Meetups.
  • Our members who craft words refer to themselves as writers, not just bloggers.
  • Our members who launch more than 12 WordPress sites a year started self-identifying as agencies.
  • Our members have presented LIVE workshops for the first time.
  • Our members have given their first WordCamp talks.
  • Some members went to their first WordCamp this year and many then went to a second.
  • Many of our members went to their first WordCamp US.
  • One member was awarded the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship and won a free trip to WCUS.
  • Some members built their first WordPress self-hosted site.
  • Our members started going to Girl Develop It events.
  • Several of our members have been asked to be WordCamp Organizers.

img_8916We can not accurately measure the learning, growth, inclusion and inspiration that has built in the last 9 months, but we can “see” that it has been immense!

We are living and accomplishing our mission which is:

Women Who WP Give ThanksWomen Who WP inspires, connects, challenges, and educates women throughout the WordPress community, through referrals, networking, workshops and mentorship focused on professional development and WordPress.

It’s simply beautiful to witness.

As 2016 closes out, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, the ones who have come out, advised and supported our organization and one another. We are better together.